How will the automotive industry in the UK look in five years?

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The automotive industry in the UK is enjoying an exceptional period at the moment, with high demand for British vehicles around the world. The conditions have led to an increase in production and resulted in manufacturers announcing £2 billion of investments in 2015 alone. More automotive products are now exported from the UK than ever before, accounting for an impressive 11.8% of all exports.

The boom in the industry has been fantastic and the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) expects it to continue to grow over the coming years. In their latest report they estimate that production could reach 2 million vehicles per year by 2020, a 33% increase on the current number. If this occurs it will create many new automotive jobs and boost the economy further.

It is difficult to accurately predict how many jobs would be created if demand does rise by such a huge amount, but the estimate in the report claims that manufacturers would need around 9,500 additional staff. An increase in manufacturing would also put pressure on the supply chain, creating even more job opportunities in various areas. The prediction is that around 28,000 automotive jobs could be created in the next five years.

A big driver for the UK automotive industry is the fact that a very large number of components used in vehicle manufacturing are made here. By keeping production of parts closer to where final vehicles are assembled, operating costs can be kept low, providing major benefits for manufacturers. The evolution in the supply chain has made the UK an attractive market for producers.

The automotive supply chain in the UK has gained such an impressive reputation that it will be celebrated in June 2016 with the inaugural Automechanika Birmingham. The trade show will be solely dedicated to the supply chain and aftermarket services.

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