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When we are recruiting for automotive jobs, we use an in depth personality profiling process using state of the art tools. When this stage of the recruitment process has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed report containing the information we have gathered from this testing.

This approach has brought great rewards over the years and resulted in many successful appointments. There are three key areas where your business can really benefit from our personality profiling.

– Teamwork. In many automotive businesses, it is essential that new staff fit in with the existing team in terms of working style so that the company can operate in a smooth and cohesive manner. Unlike many other recruitment companies, we take the time to understand a candidate’s values, motivations and temperament as well as their specific skills and qualifications. This information can enable you to judge how well they will fit in with the other members of your team.

– Values. Similar to the above point, it is important that your new staff are aligned with the ethics and values of your company. This is particularly important when you are appointing people in senior positions, as they will have the responsibility of upholding these values for the rest of the team.

– Planning. Preparation and planning are crucial in any business, and our testing helps you to gain a picture of the person’s potential as well as the qualities they possess here and now. With the results of our testing, you can determine whether there is the possibility for them to progress into other roles in the future, whether they will require any specific working processes to suit their individual preferences and behaviour, or whether they would benefit from further training. This allows you to make plans further in advance than you would be able to with traditional recruitment processes.