Hiring the right customer service personnel is important in the automotive industry

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Customer service and good communication are essential in every business and play a really important role in the automotive sector. Whether it is sales people giving potential buyers details about cars, insurers offering advice about coverage or servicing specialists telling you about repairs you always want to offer clear, honest information. Staff should be friendly, approachable and communicate in a clear, precise manner both over the phone and in face to face conversations. Even the quality of your email correspondence is important and you should ensure professionalism at all times.

To ensure you offer the right level of service and leave customers satisfied you need to choose the right personnel and give them the best training. When you hire staff you must choose carefully and get a full picture of both the qualifications and the character of applicants before making the final decision. Hiring a specialist recruiter to help you is the best solution because you can take advantage of their experience and eye for spotting talent.

We have been recruiting for the automotive sector for over 25 years and was one of the first companies to specialise solely on the industry. Our expertise is renowned and has seen us build strong long lasting relationships with large providers across the UK. We are committed to finding the right employees for all motor trade jobs, matching applicants across a wide selection of different criteria to find the perfect fit. Our approach is unique and delivers fantastic results.

When you’re hiring for a customer service role the personal qualities of the applicant are just as important as the experience they hold. You want to choose people with the right characters and the ability to deal with customers in the right way. For these reasons we include personality testing in our recruiting processes. These tests mean we can give our clients a more thorough assessment of each candidate and look beyond their experience and skills.

Clients can rely on us to help them advertise motor trade jobs and fill roles with the right people. We can find personnel to suit any position, from sales floor to support staff. Our expertise is unparalleled and we truly strive to give each client the best experience. If you want to protect your customer service standards when hiring new staff recruiting with us is the best option.