Higher standards can create automotive jobs

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A recent report from the US shows that introducing a higher standard for cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles helps to drive the creation of automotive jobs. The study points at the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans work at over 1,200 facilities across 48 different states. At these sites the employees work to deliver new technologies and upgrade existing ones.

It is not surprising that striving to meet the highest standards drives innovation and leads to the creation of new jobs. The rewards for automakers that develop technology first are huge, delivering competitive advantages that could provide immense returns until other companies close the gap.

Interestingly the array of new jobs that are created as a result of higher standards are quite diverse. Initially the roles are focused on design and development. This then leads on the manufacturing when the technology is ready to enter the market. In turn this creates more sales and after-sales opportunities.

The focus in the automotive sector is to deliver long term benefits. To achieve this, strong standards are needed and they must keep advancing alongside the needs of consumers and the market conditions. If this occurs new jobs will continue to be created periodically.

Though the study was focused on the US the findings are relevant to other countries around the world that are also committed to enhancing green technology and fuel efficiency. These developments inevitably lead to job creation and can provide great benefits for an economy.

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