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The automotive sector in the UK is highly developed and features some of the most cutting edge companies in the world. The market is a leader in green technology, amongst other developments, and businesses based here are constantly looking for the next technological developments that can give them an edge over competitors. Working in motor trade jobs is demanding but is fantastically rewarding, giving people the chance to build amazing careers.

A recent announcement by HPL Prototypes (HPLP) could see 70 new highly skilled jobs created in the near future. The company is based in Coventry and develops both drivable and non-drivable prototypes for a number of different vehicle manufacturers. The recruitment will follow on from the proposed expansions in Cheshire East where the 5.5 acre Redlands site outside of Willaston has been earmarked for development into a new base for operations.

The majority of the 70 jobs will be for skilled engineers, including vehicle designers and manufacturers. HPLP has indicated they will even look to local education providers for potential employees. As part of this they will look to create a full training program with the university technical college in Crewe. This will help to further reinforce the reputation of the area and boost the workforce for the cluster of automotive designers and engineers based in the region.

Recruiting for motor trade jobs takes effort if you want the right personnel. High skilled jobs can be particularly difficult to fill because the target market is limited. Employers need to carefully weigh up how much experience they want people to have and the skills the ideal employees will possess. They should also factor in how much training new people will need to get up to speed. There are advantages to recruiting staff at younger ages because they can be trained in the right systems and procedures from the start.

The UK is renowned for automotive expertise and continues to be one of the leaders on the global stage. If you’re considering where you can build a great career this could be the industry for you. We specialise in automotive recruitment, and are dedicated to helping candidates find their perfect roles, while making sure employers can find the highly skilled individuals their company demands.