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The exceptional performance of our manufacturing sector is just one of the reasons why the UK automotive industry is so successful at the moment. While we can produce cars to a high standard, it is what happens after production which has brought higher levels of economic growth and success. Higher domestic sales and a significant increase in international exports have been crucial.

For this to continue, automotive businesses need to keep employing skilled and qualified individuals, and this is what we work towards. For many years, we been at the forefront of helping businesses make the best appointments for motor trade jobs.

The range of available motor trade jobs is wide and diverse. Virtually every professional skill and ability is used in some part of the industry, and sales skills are among the most important. Sales are as important as manufacturing and design when it comes to achieving success in the industry. Even when producing some of the world’s finest vehicles, it is still crucial to have the right people to inform, educate, advertise and sell them to the world. This is why we work to bring the best candidates for sales and after-sales support jobs, alongside the many other positions we offer in our jobs database.

Having a sales executive capable of persuading motorists to invest in a car is just as important as having the ability to design and manufacture that car. As the leading name for automotive recruitment in the UK today, we enable businesses to appoint the right staff to sales, marketing and care positions that will help them build long-term, sustainable success. We aim to make sure both the employee and the employer are completely satisfied with our service, so whether you are a talented salesperson in search of your next role, or a business in search of qualified individuals who will make a valuable contribution, we can help.