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One of the biggest difficulties faced by businesses is the challenge of not only finding high quality employees, but also of keeping them. A high staff turnover can cost your business dearly, not only in financial terms but also in quality of work.

When a member of staff leaves, you are losing the skills and knowledge they have built up during their time in the job, qualities which take time and are not easily replaced by simply hiring a new employee. The time required to find, interview and train new staff may be taking you away from other important aspects of your business, resulting in further loss of productivity and profit. It is far better to take every possible step to prevent employees from leaving so you can enjoy long term, successful working relationships rather than having to frequently replace them.

Employees want to feel valued in their roles, so it is important to make allowances for this in your business. A lack of progression is often cited as a reason for leaving a job, so giving people opportunities to learn, expand their skills and move up the ladder will encourage them to stay. Make sure they are able to use their skills to their full potential in their role. Money is another major reason why people choose to leave their jobs, so carry out regular salary reviews to determine whether your staff are receiving competitive wages.

Besides these measures, one of the most effective ways to ensure that you find and keep the best staff is to use a high quality, detailed and focused recruitment service to find them. As a leading UK recruiter focusing exclusively on automotive jobs, we can act as your perfect partner to locate suitable staff and carry out comprehensive testing to make sure they are a great fit for your company. Our service can save you time, stress and money, helping your business on the way to long term success.