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The automotive sector in the UK has been working hard to come up with solutions to address skills shortages and ensure businesses have access to the talented people they need to move forward. One of the newest innovations is the Automotive Apprenticeship Matching Service. This aims to help prospective apprentices to find exciting opportunities, leading them to roles outside of the well known, over-subscribed programmes.

Businesses across the sector utilise apprenticeships to recruit staff to fill an array of roles. The recruitment method is favoured because it allows them to invest in talent early and train them specifically in line with their own philosophies and methods. It also allows the skills of the existing workforce to be shared with new generations of staff.

With so many businesses offering apprenticeships, it is surprising that so many of them can struggle to attract applicants whereas others are hugely over-subscribed and can leave many people disappointed. The Matching Service strives to resolve this by helping people to find similar opportunities for roles with other companies. This will help them to get started with the career they want rather than being deterred by lack of availability on other schemes.

The Matching Service predicts that it will help anywhere up to 10,000 apprentices to secure positions every year. These positions will be all across the supply chain, at both major manufacturers and SMEs too. If successful, companies across the UK could find themselves with easier access to a huge number of prospective apprentices who could become valuable members of staff in the near future.

The service takes an innovative look at the needs of businesses and apprentices and seeks to provide a solution that will benefit both. It could potentially help to dramatically reduce the estimated 5,000 plus unfilled roles across the sector.

At John Gibson Associates we understand how difficult it can be to strike the right balance in recruitment for automotive jobs. This new service offers great benefits and could help people to retain their interest in working in the industry. It will dramatically increase the apprenticeship opportunities people see and have access to.