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The developments in electric vehicle technology have been incredible over the last few years. The research and development has resulted in a wider choice of vehicles with many different manufacturers launching models powered by electricity. It has also improved existing vehicles, particularly in terms of range thanks to more powerful batteries.

Electric vehicles reached a new milestone recently when a racing car designed and built by a Swiss team of student engineers broke the acceleration world record for a battery powered vehicle. The car is known as the grimsel and cut about a quarter from the existing record when it hit 100 kph in just 1.513 seconds.

The grimsel smashed the previous record of 1.779 seconds to reach 100 kph. This had been set in 2015 by a team from the University of Stuttgart. The team behind the new record holder comes from ETH Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne. Thirty students spent a year designing, developing and manufacturing parts for the vehicle. Almost all of the components were custom built. The only ones that weren’t were the battery cells, tyres and motors.

The most impressive aspect of the grimsel’s design is the four wheel drive system. Each wheel has a powerful motor attached to it to deliver fantastic acceleration. These are controlled by a cutting edge traction system that has the ability to control each motor in order to maximise traction on every wheel. The end result was the new record.

This will be fantastic news for the electric car industry and will offer inspiration to manufacturers all around the world. It shows what the technology can achieve and that there are a number of incredible ideas floating around. The wider industry could benefit if companies choose to invest more in the technology, potentially creating new automotive jobs in the process.