Half of UK workers are looking for a new role

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A report by Investors in People has indicated that 49% of the UK’s workers will be searching for a new role this year. Some of the most common reasons for seeking a new job include high workloads, low pay, feeling undervalued, and a lack of opportunity to progress. Jobseekers throughout the country are looking for more exciting and challenging roles, which can often be found in the automotive industry.

The automotive sector is one of the UK’s most successful industries at the moment and has countless opportunities to offer people in search of new jobs. From sales to design and manufacturing to technology, engineering and mechanics, the sector welcomes people from a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets.

As there is currently a distinct lack of skills in the industry, motor trade employers tend to highly value people who are qualified for the work, and candidates will have the chance to build on their talents and move further up their chosen career ladder.

With almost half of UK workers planning to change jobs this year, there will be plenty of opportunities for companies in the automotive sector to find talented, skilled individuals who will be able to fill their vacancies perfectly. We are the motor trade recruitment specialists who can help you to make successful employment decisions this year so you can continue to build the success of your business.

With our personality testing and meticulous recruitment process, we give both employers and employees the best possible chance of making a successful appointment where workers can feel valued and happy in their roles. If you are one of the 49% of workers looking to make a fresh start in a new job, or if you want to take the next step in your automotive career, take a look at our extensive job listings.