Your guide to an engineering career in the automotive sector

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Over the years we have gone out of our way to make sure that people are 100% aware of our commitment to finding the best recruits for motor industry jobs. We focus on satisfying the needs of businesses and prospective employees alike, providing a service designed to benefit both.

To help, our agency has every prospective candidate pass through a series of examinations to learn more about their skills and personality. We can use this information to support businesses as they choose the right candidates and even to help people select the right career route.

If you are the type of individual who possesses a technical mind and has an interest in engineering the motor trade offers one of the widest arrays of career opportunities. Engineers are employed throughout the industry in all manner of roles, from manufacturing different types of vehicle to repairing them. People with a background in engineering can even go on to designing, employing their knowledge to develop new products.

Since projects need to be completed not only on their budget but by deadlines as well, engineers must have a mix of commercial and engineering skills. This is very important and businesses check candidates carefully to ensure they have the right ones. We support them in this, taking a close look at each prospective employee and only putting the very best ones forward.

Should you possess the drive and determination needed to go the distance in an engineering career, you will find that it can be quite a lucrative one. The salaries tend to be very impressive and many companies work hard to ensure they secure the most talented people. As part of this they can invest heavily in training and up-skilling as well as offering opportunities for career progression.

At John Gibson Associates we aim to relieve the stresses that businesses face when recruiting new talent by providing them with only the most suitable candidates. Looking at how they act in terms of work safety, sales and how their personality affects their performance, our tests give us the means to identify the best candidates with ease. For the finest recruits we are the agency to call.