Government and industry finance greener vehicles

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The next generation of electric and hybrid buses is set to receive a financial boost from a joint £1 billion government and industry fund. Green technology is imperative for the cars of the future, and UK industry is currently leading the field with innovative contribution. The Advanced Propulsion Centre recently announced new investments worth £80 million for various new projects. The diversity of the new plans solidifies the UK industry as a driving force behind emerging new technologies, and will continue to enable the UK sector to be globally dominant.

£13 million alone has been assigned to the development of technologies for UK constructed diesel engines for off-highway use and worldwide exportation. A grant of £6.3 million has been awarded for a hydrogen fuel cell range extender for electric light commercial vehicle fleets in a joint £12.7 million project led by Intelligent Energy. Since its inception in 2014, the Advanced Propulsion Centre has committed investment for ten low carbon propulsion projects that will safeguard and facilitate UK manufacturing automotive jobs.

The combined government and industry investment through the APC is selected by funding competitions twice a year and bids are soon to be accepted by various project teams for a further £100 million which will be allocated and distributed in autumn 2015. The new projects will create in excess of 30,000 new jobs over the course of the next decade. In addition, the new technology developed in Great Britain and Northern Ireland for worldwide exportation will help to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The collaboration between industry and government is indicative of the UK’s commitment to global leadership in the development of low carbon propulsion systems.

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