Goodwood Festival Informs As Much As It Entertains

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The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed has passed and proven to be, as is usually the case, a huge success. This event, now into its third decade, is as much about celebrating the rich history of automotive excellence in Goodwood as it is looking forward to and embracing the future. Whilst at a glance the event might suggest that it is run purely for the thrill, the fun and the enjoyment of motorcars, in truth the festival serves as an important indicator for trends and advancement in the automotive sector.

Most people would associate the Goodwood Festival of Speed with the fantastic spectator events, in particular the timed hill climb and, in recent years, the forest rally. These are quite remarkable to watch, and present the kind of challenges which passionate drivers thrive upon. Although neither we nor anyone else would doubt that such events are the main draw, this does not detract from the other aspects of the weekend. It has become the case that, with increasing emphasis as each year passes, the festival is the place where major manufacturers show off the latest innovations, styles and designs for their brands.

It is in this respect that one can see how wonderfully entertaining events like this are something that those seeking motor trade jobs must be aware of. As thrilling and exciting as watching the cars in action can be, it is important to pay close attention to the developments and changes revealed at the event by the leading manufacturers. The coming together of virtually all of the major names in the motor industry over the course of the event weekend allows one a fantastic opportunity to become informed of the direction the sector is going.

Those of us within the motor industry know how fortunate we are that our passion and interest is also our profession. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an event which allows us to both celebrate the magnificent achievements made with automobiles and to gain important knowledge about the future of the sector. All people in motor industry jobs – whether involved in design, manufacturing, sales or services – can learn a great deal from the displays we saw at the 2016 festival.