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The UK automotive industry is one which continues to grow with every passing year. The automotive industry runs on talent and innovation, and every year, new staff are required to allow automotive businesses to flourish. At John Gibson Associates, our deep seated passion for the industry and our background in it mean that we are proud to offer extensive automotive recruitment services for all of the clients who come to us for assistance.

Recruitment may seem like a simple task. After all, any business can simply host interviews and go through a checklist of candidates. However, businesses who take care of their own recruitment process often waste time running through candidates who aren’t suitable for the job at all, only to end up with a candidate who isn’t exactly the best fit for the job. In order to find the best possible candidates for the task at hand, our team run an in-depth recruitment process complete with personality assessments.

From motor trade dealerships to car body shops, we recruit staff for a wide variety of roles. Candidates register directly with us, where they choose the jobs that they want. We also contact them and work extensively with them in order to find the exact roles that they’ll flourish in. Once a candidate is selected for a role, one of our consultants and directors will interview them face-to-face via Skype. Doing so allows us to get a better feeling of the candidate, and to essentially pick the best possible person for the role that is advertised. Once a suitable candidate has been found, we will pass them onto you. We’re so confident that your candidate will fill the role to the highest standard that we offer a 6 month guarantee. If they aren’t the best person for the role, then you can simply use our automotive recruitment services again at no extra cost.

Unlike most conventional job vacancy sites, our candidates are of the highest calibre, coming to us specifically for our automotive vacancies. Candidates who come to us are generally already highly knowledgeable within the industry and are professionals, so our clients can be assured that the candidates screened for their vacancy are completely suitable. We will find the right candidate for the vacancy and can fulfil any additional circumstances that may be required, including anonymous recruitment. Our two decades of experience ensures that all recruitment services are carried out satisfactorily.