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The automotive industry is continuing to thrive, but in order for this growth to carry on, it is crucial that companies understand how to access the skilled, trained staff they need to occupy key positions. From design, engineering and manufacturing to sales and customer service, each sector of the automotive industry requires individuals who do not only have the skills and qualifications to do the job, but the temperament and personality to do them well.

The automotive sector in the UK has experienced significant growth in recent times, which inevitably means there are more motor trade jobs which need to be filled. One of the biggest contributing factors to the rising need for staff has been the huge advancements in vehicular technology. As cars become ever more complex, there is more demand for trained specialists such as IT technicians who can design and create the sophisticated systems manufacturers need to keep up with the competition.

These types of jobs require careful recruitment selection, which is exactly what we offer. We stand apart from other recruitment agencies both because we are exclusively focused on the automotive industry, and because we use unique personality profile testing tools in order to identify the right people for the job. By gaining a greater insight into the values, personalities and working styles of the candidates, we can facilitate successful long term recruitment solutions for businesses.

This extra insight helps employers to see how their candidates may perform in the role and how well suited they will be to the available position. By taking this approach, we aim to help the automotive industry to flourish long into the future, benefiting both candidates and employers alike and providing attentive support for automotive companies in the UK. We are able to recruit for even the most highly specialised roles in the business, so whether you are in search of a rewarding new career or are involved in a business looking for new staff, contact us today.