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A recent survey of 99 elected MPs has highlighted the skewed perceptions and outdated views that permeate certain groups of people regarding the motor industry in the UK. The actual truth is that the industry itself is responsible for an impressive 3% of employment in the country. Many of the individuals that participated in the survey acknowledged the professional presence of several of their voters and constituents within the sector, yet were ill informed regarding the skills required. The general belief was that the industry was representative of unskilled employees along with low paid and poor conditions.

The motor industry brings in around £50 billion to the nation’s economy and accounts for 7% of British manufacturing in its entirety. These figures relate solely to manufacture and repair and exclude sales and after-sales services. The recently introduced qualifications and grading system for body collision repair work by The Institute of the Motor Industry highlights the skills needed to work and thrive in the automotive world.

The industry itself refers to a varied collection of organisations that make up the bodies of professionals that design, manufacture and sell motor vehicles. The sector demands a high level of intelligence, foresight, intricate insight, skill and knowledge of the industry itself. A commitment to ensuring the finest individuals are recruited to this thriving sector is crucial. That’s we we are dedicated to helping all kinds of businesses in the industry to find the ideal candidates for motor trade jobs, and to helping skilled individuals apply for positions where they can make the best use of their talents.