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Chorley Group, the Lancashire based dealers with franchises across the North West recently revealed they were setting up their own Trainee Sales Academy. The move is designed to help nurture new talent, giving people the chance to learn, improve their skills and ultimately work to secure a career path. The approach is an interesting one and can offer big advantages when it comes to automotive recruitment in the future.

The Chorley Group faces some big challenges with recruiting because of the fact that they deal with such a wide array of makes and models of vehicles. Their franchises include Kia, Nissan, Fiat and Hyundai, as well as dealing with an array of others. This means that the sales team needs to be up to speed with the variety of different cars they may be selling. Knowledge is crucial in sales and each member of the team needs to ensure they can answer the questions of customers and advise them effectively.

Typically it would require a period of time for a new seller to get up to speed, learning the things they need to about the products they are selling. With the Trainee Sales Academy, Chorley Group can ensure the people that take up roles in the future have a good foundation of knowledge. They can also make sure that they know the specific attitudes and systems the company has in place when it comes to selling.

An additional benefit of the Academy is the fact that it gives the Group access to a pool of talent with energy and enthusiasm. This can offer a number of advantages including new insights and ideas.

The strategy fits with the Group’s plan for future growth. It is also an expansion of the close links they already have with colleges in the region. The approach is definitely worth looking at, particularly when it comes to the challenging world of sales. The trainees will receive good training and an advantage over competitors also thinking of starting out on a new career in the sector.

At John Gibson Associates we always enjoy seeing businesses investing in talent and looking to the future. We know how important this is, particularly with automotive recruitment.