Four tips for recruiting the right sales staff

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Vehicle sales is a highly competitive market, and companies need to be on the ball if they want to stand out from their competitors. Your sales team will play an essential role in creating an impression for prospective customers. If the wrong impression is created, you could find them heading to competitors rather than buying from you. You need to ensure you recruit the right people and check carefully to make sure they will present your business in the best light. Here are four recruitment tips to help you get the perfect sales team.

1) Interview candidates in a single day

Conducting interviews in the same day is wise for several reasons. It will save you time and costs in the first instance but is also beneficial because it will make it easier to compare candidates. By having the information fresh in your mind you can make a more informed decision and determine the best fit for the role. The longer you leave between interviews the more you will forget about each candidate even if you make extensive notes.

2) Have multiple interviewers

This will also help you to save time but has another much more important benefit. With two interviewers rather than one you’ll get a much better idea of how each candidate comes across and deals with questions from different angles. This is important because when they deal with customers it is likely they’ll receive questions from a variety of quarters. The process also lessens the workload and means both of the interviewers can decide on candidates together based on their own observations.

3) Focus on skills as well as experience

Sales experience is always a good advantage but skills are equally important. Some employers will be turned by learning that an applicant worked at a high profile firm but this doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be a good seller. You should look out for skills and how motivated the candidates are. Remember to keep in mind that you’ll be setting sales people loose eventually to work on their own volition so you need to choose someone with the skills to flourish in this setting.

4) Test candidates

The best way to get an idea of how sales people go about selling is to test them. There are several ways you can do this in an interview setting, whether it is having them pitch you a product or a business. Remember you are putting them on the spot and they won’t have all of the answers but you will be able to gauge how they prepare and handle topics they are not familiar with. You will also get an idea of how they handle pressure.

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