Ford Announce New Scrapping Incentive

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A new scrapping incentive has been announced by Ford in relation to all vehicles, registered before the 1st January 2010 (and owned for over 90 days).

The scheme has been heralded by Andy Barratt, Ford Britain’s chairman and managing director as “…part of a journey” to improve air quality.

Under Ford’s scheme; cars over 7 years old, from any manufacturer, can be exchanged in the UK, until the end of December. This will encompass both diesel and petrol vehicles, an incentive differing from similar offers by some other manufacturers. Being in respect of part-exchanges; Consumers could be given between £2,000 and £4,950 off a brand new Ford car and between £3,650 and £7,000 off a new commercial vehicle, dependent on the type of new model purchased.

Ford have offered “peace of mind that Ford will manage the scrappage of your old vehicle responsibly”.

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