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The automotive sector offers a wide array of career opportunities in a variety of different disciplines. It is truly diverse, letting you get into sales, manufacturing, design, marketing, and management too. You can choose the path that matches your interests but still be involved in an industry that is focused on moving forward and developing new technologies.

One thing that becomes clear about the automotive sector right away is the skills demand. This is apparent with every type of role but none more so than manufacturing and engineering ones. People in these positions need to be very well trained to ensure they meet quality requirements. It is also important they are skilled for safety reasons. The last thing companies want is to see the risk of injuries and accidents rising because people lack the correct training and skill set.

The fast pace of the automotive industry makes safety and training even more important. Technologies are changing all the time, resulting in new tools, machinery and techniques. Each company needs to stay up to date with these and keep their staff properly trained.

When it comes to training it is important that each session is delivered in the correct way. You want to engage with your staff and compel them to learn. This will help them to absorb and remember the information, providing a much higher standard of learning. You definitely want to avoid offering training that seems just like you are reading a manual.

With such big skills demands in place it is important that each company gets their recruitment right. This is true both in terms of the people who will be taking on the roles as well as those who will be responsible for providing training. You want to ensure everybody has the ability to do their job to the very best standards.

At John Gibson Associates we are well placed to help people recruit to fill motor trade jobs. We have a wealth of experience and have been focused solely on the sector for a number of years. This gives us a huge amount of knowledge and the ability to provide the right service for you. If you need help with recruiting please contact us. We will only put candidates forward with the relevant skills to suit your brief.