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For a very long time, the techniques implemented to recruit candidates for motor industry jobs were entirely insufficient. The automotive industry offers vast opportunities to thrive and ascend and demands passionate and highly motivated individuals. We established our recruitment process to assist companies in their pursuit of the high calibre employees they really need and to help candidates find their perfect job.

We have vacancies that represent the automotive industry in its entirety. The industry offers golden opportunities for those that really wish to succeed. There has always been an abundance of individuals attracted to the sector but inadequate automotive recruitment methods meant that candidates were often not matched with the right vacancies. When people attend an interview for an unsuitable position, it simply wastes the time of all parties involved. Our methods consist of thorough vetting and personality testing to secure the perfect matches between employee and employer.

A crucial part of recruitment is confidentiality. We maintain a comprehensive respect for the private information and details of our clients and candidates. We treat all data carefully and avoid the pitfalls of mass distribution. Every company and candidate can confidently register with us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their integrity is preserved at all times.

We visit our clients to discover the kind of candidates you require. We find you the employees that want to give everything they have to your organisation and get as much as possible from their work. When your employees are motivated and inspired, they are much more likely to benefit your business and pursue advancements in their own careers.

The automotive sector is undoubtedly a competitive market and we consistently strive to make a positive impact. Once candidates have fully registered their details with us we take every step to ensure they find their perfect motor industry jobs. We have a whole host of positions from service advisors and sales executives to vehicle technicians and creative marketing managers. Every opportunity to find the job you really want is available when you engage our efficient and effective automotive recruitment services.