Flexible working hours attract top candidates

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There are many factors that can influence a company’s ability to attract and keep top quality candidates. According to new research, one of the most important factors influencing successful recruitment is the possibility of flexible working.

As technology and the internet play an ever-greater role in many of our working lives, the idea that employees have to be in the workplace from 9-5 every day is becoming outdated. More and more modern companies are giving their workers the chance to choose their own working hours. Qualified, experienced and skilled candidates are in high demand, and for many of them, flexible working benefits can make or break their decision to take a particular job.

Research at the event UC EXPO revealed that 82% of office workers in the UK would be more likely to accept a job that gave them the option for flexible hours. 71% thought that businesses which allow flexible hours would have a better chance of appealing to an international talent pool. The research also found that more people worked from home or remotely in 2015 than in 2014, which demonstrates that more companies are recognising the advantages of flexible working.

Allowing employees to fit their working hours around their other responsibilities and activities can make for a greater work/life balance, resulting in higher morale and greater job satisfaction. This in turn can increase productivity and bring greater benefits to the business. If flexible hours would make sense for your company and you are not currently offering them, you may wish to seriously consider them to help boost your chances of attracting top talent.

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