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We place pride in the fact that we are at the forefront of motor trade recruitment. For both our clients and their prospective candidates, we provide nothing less than the best possible service, with help through every step of the recruitment process. With the automotive industry roaring back in recent years, we believe that 2015 is going to be a year of great opportunities for those seeking roles in this exciting sector. We aim to help spur the industry on to its best year yet.

If you’re looking to move onto greener pastures and desire to get ahead in your chosen field within the industry, then we can help to find the right job for you. As much as we believe that our clients need the right employees, we believe that all candidates need the right job position to truly flourish and reach their maximum potential. If a skilled candidate is placed in a job that does not match their skills or experience, then the job simply will not get the most out of them. Likewise, an unchallenging job is wasted on a candidate who desires a challenging environment.

From sales jobs to management jobs, we have vacancies in a range of environments and with a variety of companies, all of whom are looking for the best candidates for the position. Simply register your details and find the right job for you, and then apply for it. Our regional representatives will also contact you to find you the right job. When you’ve applied, the representative and one of our directors will interview you via Skype to ensure that you are fully suitable for the position. If we believe that you are, we will pass you on to be interviewed by the company themselves for the vacancy. This is so that the company receives only the highest quality candidates, and so that our clients receive a job that is befitting of their skills and experience.

Most other motor trade recruitment agencies do not take an active interest in their clients or their candidates, but we do. We know all too well about the challenges facing the motor trade, and that is why we are actively doing all that we can to help. We know that our clients desire candidates of the highest calibre, and that the candidates want a job that challenges them and makes the best use of their skills. Whether you are simply looking to switch jobs or start your career, our team can help.