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We take a very thorough and careful approach to recruitment for all kinds of automotive jobs. When it comes to the automotive industry, a key contributor to the economy of the UK, skilled workers are crucial, whether the position is in regards to sales or manufacturing. We take a great deal of pride in our work, consistently ensuring that businesses within the industry receive the candidates that they need. With the industry facing a skills shortage, our team are working tirelessly to ensure that all businesses receive the highest quality staff for their organisations.

There are many job websites out there where you can host your CV. However, it is far better for you to use a specialist recruitment website so that you can find a job that suits your skills and abilities more closely. If you’re a skilled or well educated individual looking to break into the automotive industry or take the next step in your existing career, then we are looking to place you into a position where you will truly flourish. Firstly, register with our team and share your CV with us. All details are confidential with us and you won’t find yourself solicited by undesirable businesses or people.

Once your CV has been uploaded and your details provided, you can search our database of automotive careers, covering everything from parts manufacturing to senior management positions. We host automotive jobs across the whole UK, and our regional approach to recruitment means that you are bound to find something for you, though our regional representatives are easily contactable just in case. They will get in touch with you in order to discuss just how they can help you find your new job. Once you’ve found it, they will interview you for the role alongside one of our directors. If you are suitable for the job, then we will pass you onto our clients, who will interview you themselves. Our clients are discerning and demand the best possible candidates, and we are glad to provide it for them.

Unlike many other recruiters, our approached is tailored to benefit our clients and candidates. If you’re looking for automotive jobs, you want one where you can succeed and flourish and where you are making the most of the skills that you have. We place candidates in positions where their skills can be used to the full. From small, local dealers to national companies, we will find the right vacancy for you.