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Recruiting new talent for automotive jobs can be challenging, but if it’s done right, the results can be rather rewarding. With the correct staff at your disposal, the business can grow and expand into one that’s recognised throughout the world. To help, we visit your company to discover what success means to you and then we put each applicant through a series of tests to determine which will best suit your needs.

Just recently, the Geely Auto Group launched LYNK & CO, a brand new global car brand that possesses an ambition to challenge the automotive industry’s conventions. Engineered and designed in Sweden, and being born digital, LYNK & CO establishes a new model for business, sharing possibilities, an open API and an app store specifically dedicated to cars. The 01, the first car in this new range, is a tech-laden SUV that’s built on the Compact Modular Architecture.

The 01 model shall be followed by the 02, 03 and so on as a complete range, which will reflect the brand’s vision of challenging and simplifying industry conventions. Something else to note about the 01 is that it consists of both Chinese and European inputs and has the latest technology running the operation. At the heart of this is an ‘always connected’ condition and an API, or an application-programming interface, as it’s fully known.

With technology on the rise, automotive employees have to familiarise themselves more with each new and exciting component in order to meet customer demands. If your company has recently invested in some new machinery and you need people with experience on the subject, we can look at every prospective employee and see which most closely matches your requirements. Ultimately this allows us to recommend the best people to take on the new automotive jobs you create.

At John Gibson Associates, we want you to find the right person the first time. We understand how costly the recruitment process can be and the added costs if staff turn out to not be suitable. To overcome the latter we offer a six month guarantee; we will find a new candidate for you if the first one we put forward does not meet your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your recruitment needs please contact us.