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Since we were formed in 1987, we have been pioneers in the UK employment sector by embracing personality tests and profiling as a means to bring about more successful employment practices. Whilst this approach has become quite commonplace in the years since, we remain peerless in our ability to appreciate and apply the insights, knowledge and information attained from this testing. Our effective use of the results from personality testing has been a contributing factor to our company being regarded as the leaders in automotive and motor trade recruitment.

In screening candidates for motor industry jobs, we use the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32) test to evaluate the suitability of them for positions. This psychometric testing, regarded as the best and most comprehensive available around the world, is not one that candidates either pass or fail, as their abilities and qualifications do not come into it. What we ascertain from using the OPQ32 testing is whether or not the character traits and personality of a potential employee suits the existing approach and environment of an employer using our services to find staff. It is through this method that we ensure the very best appointments are made by businesses in the automotive industry.

Not considering the personality suitability of a prospective candidate can prove to be a considerable error when recruiting for motor industry jobs. If the disposition and approach of an individual clashes or is in conflict with the manner and approach of an employer, ultimately the appointment is going to end in failure, with negative consequences for both parties. This is a mistake that need never be made when you have our skills and expertise available to you.

When it comes to OPQ32, and indeed other forms of personality testing, there is a world of difference between being able to conduct these tests and knowing how to understand the results. We are expert in both of these factors, which makes us your best choice for delivering successful recruitment for motor industry jobs. Our ability in this respect is advantageous to both employers and employees. For employers, this approach ensures that a new employee will meet all of the criteria required for a position, and will adapt to the working conditions and environment in a short space of time. For potential employees, understanding the results of these tests helps them better refine and align their intentions and expectations in the industry.