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In any business, it’s not only crucial to find employees who have the right experience, qualifications and practical skills; it’s also vital that they have personalities which are well suited to the working practises and ethics of the company. Different personality traits can indicate how someone will perform in a particular job, so these factors should always be taken into consideration before employing a new member of staff.

As experienced automotive recruitment specialists, we understand the importance of this, and always incorporate this factor into our recruitment process. We use the highly regarded Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32) to create detailed and accurate personality profiles of candidates.

The questionnaire examines 32 personality traits which are relevant to occupational roles, determining how the person is likely to behave in that particular job. The candidate is presented with a list of four statements or adjectives in response to each question, and is asked to rate which one is the most and least like them. This is intended to highlight the person’s individual strengths and weaknesses. The questions will be divided into categories such as thinking style, sociability and relationships.

The personality testing process provides benefits for both the employer and the prospective employee. It gives the employer an insight into the way a candidate is likely to work and helps them to make more informed decisions, leading to productive, successful working relationships with new employees. In turn, the candidate benefits because the test helps them to understand which kind of roles would suit them the best, as well as enabling them to examine their own working style and identify areas where they could make improvements.

Our testing is available from just £150 per candidate, and we can provide either a manager or candidate report. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about the testing process, or have any other enquiries about our tried and tested recruitment process.