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For over a quarter of a century we at John Gibson Associates (JGA) have been a driving force in bringing about evolution in the way people think and most importantly, act in respect of finding candidates for car and automotive jobs. All too often in the past garages, service centres and sales showrooms were sat with the wrong staff members for their requirements, simply because no one was available to efficiently manage recruitment and placement. By the same margin, many talented car and automobile workers were employed in positions that did not harness their specific skills and talents. John Gibson decided to pro-actively address this deficiency and weakness in the industry by establishing JGA; a company dedicated to providing the optimal means possible to match the best candidates with the most suitable positions.

Our services see us vet, evaluate and test all individuals who approach us for representation as they seek to find and gain employment in the most suitable of automotive jobs for their skills and career ambitions. Our approach is an all encompassing and embracing one, evaluating not just the skills and qualifications of candidates, but also establishing and understanding their personality traits and qualities as well as career path aspirations and ambitions. By doing this we are enabled to provide candidates to the businesses and companies in the industry that not only match the required skills, but also meet the expectations you have of how they will fit in with and represent your organization.

This approach has seen JGA become the select choice for many major companies involved in all aspects of the car and automotive industry. In some instances, significant companies no longer even advertise positions in a traditional sense; preferring instead to trust us to ensure they get the right staff member in place. It is through our approach of gaining an intuitive understanding of your business model and requirements that we are able to appreciate what special qualities and traits a successful staff member would need to have in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship between employer and candidate.

The driving principle of JGA is to create a circumstance where your valued clients both grow in number due to the outstanding service experienced. By ensuring the finest talent is evaluated and checked to ensure they hold the same values, outlooks, aspirations and expectations as your organization, we make certain that only the best and most suitable candidates are forwarded to you to be possible representatives of your organization. This approach ensures that those seeking automotive jobs apply only to positions where they will succeed, and employers are able to select from only the best and most appropriate candidates.