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It’s widely accepted that long term employment provides a strong foundation for business success. Studies have frequently shown that a characteristic which most successful businesses share is a low turnover of staff, with those appointed working to grow and succeed with the company. There is, of course, a difference between knowing this and being able to achieve it. Our work in automotive recruitment is focused on ensuring that appointments are highly likely to be long term ones.

We have no doubt that you have seen articles which speak of the importance of both engaging and motivating employees, stating that this is essential to retaining staff on a long term basis. However, very few of these articles explain exactly how you can achieve this. One very simple reason is because it’s impossible to give a universal answer that states how every company may successfully engage or motivate their staff. The answer must be created on a unique, company-specific level.

An error many make is considering what engages or motivates their staff only after they have been employed, choosing staff purely on the basis of skills alone. Our approach is rather more proactive. By understanding the motivations and character traits of potential employees, we are aware of what drives our candidates and which factors are likely to keep them engaged with a business for the long term. In doing this we are able to help businesses recruit staff who have the required skills, but will also find the workplace motivating and engaging.

The motor industry is crucial to our national economy. In this respect, we can all take pride in its recent success and feel confident that this will continue into the future. This can only happen as a result of a strong focus on engaged, motivated and long term appointments across the workforce. By using our expert automotive recruitment services to find the staff they need, businesses are able to employ people who are compatible, optimising the chances of long term employment.