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If you were to use one word to describe the current nature of motor industry and automotive jobs in the UK, that word would surely be growth. Over the last five years the UK automotive industry has been home to unprecedented levels of growth, leading the economic recovery of the nation and becoming one of the single most important elements of our economy. Maintaining this expansion is vital to sustained economic success, and is something that we are deeply committed to ensuring.

A driving force behind the success of the automotive industry in recent times has been a far more considered and informed approach to employment policies within it. Since our formation in 1987, we have been working tirelessly to bring this change in focus about, and are understandably proud that our innovative approach has been proved correct. For far too many years automotive jobs were seen as short term positions, with neither companies nor employees appreciating the value of more considered, long term appointments. At John Gibson Associates, we pioneered a new way of approaching recruitment for automotive jobs. Our unique approach allows for much better matches between companies and candidates, with better, longer lasting and far more productive appointments to jobs being made possible.

It has always been the case that someone applying for motor industry jobs needs to have the practical skills required. It is, however, of equal importance that the person seeking employment will be a good match for an employer. To put it bluntly, the importance of someone “fitting in” with a company cannot be understated. A candidate could approach one of the leading companies in the automotive industry with the exact skills and experience they are looking for, but that fact is that their appointment is likely to fail if they do not share the same values, outlook and approach. Many companies have made the costly mistake of not incorporating this into their thinking when considering applications.

We make sure companies in the automotive industry are matched up with candidates who not only match the important skills criteria required, but also have the character and ability to adapt to the culture of the employer. This is essential in securing an effective, long term and highly productive relationship between employer and employee.

Over the course of three decades our name has become the preferred choice for finding staff for automotive jobs. Many of the most prestigious names in the industry now use us alone when they need new recruits. For those seeking employment in motor industry jobs, they know that we will only ever send them to interviews where they have a very strong chance of being successful. Our services are geared towards providing the best possible outcome for everyone involved with motor industry jobs.