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If you have been searching across the internet and through the press for the perfect motor industry jobs but have not found them, it is most likely because you have not signed up with John Gibson Associates. With over 25 years of outstanding service in automotive recruitment, our reputation is such that many of the leading companies in the industry now use our skills on an exclusive basis to make sure they secure the best staff. Uploading your CV to our website and being represented by us is the best way available to you to find the career you want.

In our experience as leaders in automotive recruitment we have found that skills, ability and in some cases experience are very important, but are not the sole essential factors which create the greatest employment success. The technical abilities and competencies of an employee must be matched with an outlook, perspective and approach that complements that of their employer. Having the correct temperament and disposition to fit in with an existing organization is of vital importance. If that level of balance does not exist, then neither the employee or the employer will have any positive points or levels of success from the appointment.

In ensuring that the approach of an individual will prove to be an equal match of their ability, we have time and again been able to recommend candidates for positions which have seen long and prosperous careers built in the industry. Our detailed and refined ability to be able to match candidates perfectly to available positions has been greatly appreciated by the leading names in the automotive industry. If you are looking to to gain employment with one of the leading companies in any area of the automotive industry – whether it is manufacture, design, sales or service – we are the representatives best placed to get you there.

The automotive industry in the UK employs somewhere near one million people. As that number suggests, it is then a highly important part of our economy, in particular as automotive related exports are increasing. Sustaining this level of success is dependant on the right people being identified and hired for positions within the industry. With the number of automotive jobs we have available growing on an almost daily basis, if you are someone looking to build a good and strong career in the world of the automotive industry, there can be little doubt we will help you to optimise your chances.