Fiesta beat off stiff competition to be“the perfect used car choice for motorists and used car dealers”.

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FORD FIESTA has been named ‘Used Car of the Year 2012’ by CAP, the leading independent car information experts.
Fiesta beat off stiff competition during what has been a strong year for the used car market, with CAP’s judging panel declaring it “the perfect used car choice for motorists and used car dealers”.
CAP’s used car of the year award is unique in recognising the ‘real life’ qualities of a used car and the value it brings not only to its owners but to motor trade professionals who rely on strong products to make their living.
This means that only cars which promise a great, affordable ownership experience and a perfect trade or retail sale opportunity can qualify.
Among the criteria CAP’s used car market experts apply when choosing their ‘Used Car of the Year’ are:
•Affordability and practicality of ownership
•Trusted reputation
•Sustained popularity in the used market
•A ‘friend’ to the trade as well as the consumer
This rules out the impracticality of over-priced vehicles which are often chosen for awards simply on the basis of holding high residual values, for example, or technical features which excite car reviewers but matter little to the more cost-conscious used car buyer.
To win the CAP Used Car of the Year a vehicle must serve both public and trade equally well by offering value for money, reliability and displaying consistent desirability.
The Ford Fiesta exemplifies all of those qualities.
Among the comments about Ford Fiesta made by CAP’s experts during the judging process were:
• A car that defies the variations in consumer tastes
• Desirable image even with high volumes available
• One of the great mass-produced cars that still looks fresh even when an update is due
• Consistent reputation for reliability
• Pushes the boundaries for quality and reliability in the Supermini sector
• Always a top selling car and renowned for quality and value for money.
• Still one of freshest Superminis around , a car loved by young and old as well as a versatile workhorse, great drive and styling.
Because the acid test of a used car’s performance is ultimately affordability, any contender for the title of ‘CAP Used Car of the Year’ must also compare well with its competitors in terms of depreciation.
The final hurdle was therefore how well Fiesta would score against the strongest of competition.
The following table is based on a typical ‘real life’ scenario in which a 9 month old car was bought at ‘CAP Retail’ price, in January 2010, with 10,000 miles on the clock. The car now has 40,000 miles on the clock and will be part-exchanged with a dealer, who will typically offer ‘CAP Clean’ trade value for a good condition vehicle. The figures reveal the percentage of original price paid by the owner which has been retained.
Volkswagen Polo 56.6%
Ford Fiesta 55.6%
Toyota Yaris 55.0%
Hyundai i20 51.4%
Vauxhall Corsa 51.2%
Nissan Micra 51.1%
Renault Clio 49.6%
Citroen C3 47.4%
Peugeot 207 46.5%
The 3 clear winners in this test are Fiesta, Polo and Yaris. The fact that the Hyundai i20 appears in 4th place is testament to how far that brand has come over the last few years. It should also be noted that Kia did not have a competitive model available in used markets in 2010 but would likely have also had a strong showing if it did.
However, although it is just pipped to the post in terms of depreciation by the Polo, the Fiesta enjoys a very strong placing. Indeed, it is a testament to the Fiesta that despite the very large numbers of Fiestas available in the market at any time, it retains its value as a used car with remarkable consistency.
Mark Norman, of CAP, said: “It is always tempting for the motoring media and other industry observers to take the ‘petrol head’ approach when giving awards to cars which excite them but the CAP Used Car of the Year Award recognises the contribution a car really makes to consumers and dealers alike.
“Equally it is sim