Female influence in the motor trade is expanding

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When we look at candidates, we don’t just ask them a few simple questions and send them off to companies. We take the time to put them through the various tests we have in place, which look at such important areas as work safety and behaviour, and the candidate’s own personality. Once we are confident in their abilities, we will refer them on to the company.

Recently, a former Derby College Motor Vehicle apprentice highlighted the initiatives needed to encourage more women into the motor industry. During her time at college, the apprentice won a College Peak Award, along with being highly commended in the Institute of the Motor Industry Outstanding Achievers Award. She worked for VW in Derby for almost a year before being offered a Business Development Manager position with Electude UK.

Not only has the apprentice progressed in her career, but her public speaking skills allowed her to offer suggestions of her own to the industry. Such suggestions include providing female students with more time for workshops, promoting successes more effectively and bringing together females in groups from different male-dominated courses. Each of these could help to bridge the gender gap.

At John Gibson our prime strength comes in the form of recruiting highly talented people, both male and female, for a myriad of positions across the motor trade. In order to find out exactly what competencies and skills are needed to make the best contributions to a business, we visit the companies themselves. Afterwards, we will find the closest matching candidate based on everything we have learned.

The UK’s motor trade is always in need of professionals to help companies get ahead of the competition in a market that’s very competitive. Should the case arise where one of your staff members turns out to not be right for the vacancy, our six month guarantee ensures that we will find someone more suitable for your needs. This means you can expect a fast solution with minimal disruptions.

If you would like to find out more about how we approach motor trade recruitment or the benefits working with us can offer, feel free to get in touch.