A fantastic first year for the NEAA

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On the 15th of April 2016, the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) celebrated its first year in operation. The organisation has enjoyed an incredible twelve months, attracting more than 130 automotive businesses from across the region to become members. The cluster quickly became the largest in the UK, responsible for over 30,000 direct automotive jobs and 141,000 more across the supply chain.

As well as the UK, the NEAA is also outperforming many clusters in Europe. The organisation is poised to achieve a Gold Label from the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. This would put them among the top 0.5% of groups and make them the youngest cluster to achieve it. The current record holder was established in 2008 so this would be an amazing achievement.

The NEAA has proven to be so successful because it builds on the strength of the automotive industry in the UK and the benefits that can be achieved by encouraging local businesses to work together. By breaking down barriers to communication, better links between companies can be forged. This can add a huge amount of value to each business and help to tackle the shared challenges they face.

In its second year, the NEAA is looking to improve their SME supply chain development program. This would unlock great opportunities for businesses to expand into new markets, including many across Europe. As part of this a new trade and investment group will be set up to help give businesses better access to the marketplace in numerous countries.

The future is looking bright for the automotive industry in the North East. In fact the NEAA is predicting that around 10,000 new jobs will be created in the next five years as companies expand and see growing demand.

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