Exploring soft skills in motor trade recruitment

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The motor trade industry in the UK is in a very interesting position at the moment. It is enjoying impressive growth and numerous companies are seeking to expand, increasing their workforce and looking at how they can progress as a business. The problem with this is that it is believed that the candidate pool is relatively poor. This is a bad situation considering there are a rich number of vacancies on offer.

The problem is crying out for a solution that will help businesses in the motor trade to find the candidates they want.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games has provided a number of fantastic moments, including world records being broken and new talents emerging. It is interesting to look at what makes athletes successful. Naturally a combination of talent, training and equipment come in to play, but what else is required? Soft skills like drive, passion, ambition, desire, and self belief are all necessary. In fact they are vital to success.

The above can easily be applied to motor trade recruitment. Many recruiters and businesses focus on the talent, training, qualifications and experience of candidates but don’t explore the soft skills they possess. If they looked at these they could find that a number of the applicants are more attractive propositions.

This raises the problem of how you look for soft skills because they typically don’t appear on a CV. Exploring these needs to be done in interviews or during tests prior to this. In both cases it is important to ask the right questions and give candidates the chance to explain what other vital skills they have, including drive, instincts and self-awareness.

At John Gibson Associates we already understand the importance of soft skills and have checked candidates for them for a number of years. We use personality testing as well as interviews to explore them, gathering as much information as we can about each person. This allows us to put the best people forward to our clients.