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Over the years we have advocated a long term vision as being essential for effective recruitment in the motor industry. Our approach has always encouraged employers to think in terms of years rather than months when considering the period of service they are looking for from a new employee, as this secures the stability required to build business success. Whilst the great benefits of long term employment strategies are clearly reflected in the current success of the industry in the UK, one must be mindful of the fact that an opportunity to move and progress with your career should never be overlooked.

The wish of an employee to remain loyal to a company and contribute to its growth must be balanced with a need to advance their own career. Whilst we would never advocate “job hopping” in the sense of someone who switches jobs after only a matter of months, exploring a move away from your present employer should always be an option, in particular if you have a sense of reaching the ceiling of achievement.

In the current recruitment market there are a number of opportunities for sales managers. Established businesses are looking for staff with experience who are looking to step up into a more advanced role. If you believe you have what it takes to move into a senior sales executive position – or have the confidence that you can succeed in a regional sales manager role – then there are a number of prestige automotive companies that are looking for your services. Due to our good standing and reputation in the industry, many of them make these positions available only through us.

We advertise a wide array of sales jobs from all across the motor industry. This gives people searching for their first job or career progression a great deal of options to choose from. We will also offer a great deal of support for people seeking employment, giving them the benefit of our extensive experience and good standing in the sector.