The experts that source the most suitable candidates for the motor trade industry.

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Here at John Gibson Associates we have spent over 25 years as a supplier of high calibre candidates to the automotive industry and we have evolved into the leading name when it comes to sourcing the right people to successfully fill motor trade jobs. The 21st century vehicle business demands nothing less than stellar performances from highly capable performers. We maintain a staunch principle of never standing still. Success and evolution is unequivocally about a constant dedication and commitment to moving forward. Staying ahead of the curve is essential to remain in pole position.

We knew that the entire automotive industry needed a shake up many years ago. There was a tired, lacklustre method of CV shuffling and sending candidates to organisations without ever meeting them. It stands to reason that a thoroughly efficient recruitment company needs to meet potential candidates, understand the people they are and their professional goals along with gaining a clear and concise picture of their abilities and strengths. We ensure a full and rigorous interview process and vetting of our candidates before we would ever consider recommending and sending them to our valued clients. Our aim is to provide you with the best service and to ultimately save you frustration, time and of course money.

We knew we had to operate at the other end of the spectrum and over time we have constructed a database that consists of the finest motor industry candidates which guarantees our capabilities of securing the most appropriate people for the motor trade jobs that require nothing but the best. We now have the pleasure of enjoying successful relationships with some of the most impressive players in the UK and beyond. Our innovative approach ensures us as the preferred choice for every progressive and demanding professional on the circuit.

When we undertake the task of recruitment for you we always implement the same level of service. We will visit your establishment and premises to establish the exact needs your business has and how your new employee can compliment it and contribute to its further success. The automotive industry is an extremely competitive one and it desperately needs high quality professionals to deliver a positive impact to the market.

Our efficiently run regional offices provide you with local trade recruitment services and every single JGA employee is a proficient expert that understands each and every intricacy involved with the demanding automotive industry along with the challenging factors that affect the local trading environment.

We are aware of the essential elements that contribute to greatness. They are an ardent attitude and meticulous attention to detail as well as consistently delivering supreme standards of service and complete value for money.