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The automobile industry is a very attractive prospect for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether they are interested in engineering, sales, insurance, design, motorsports or any other related field. The sector remains one of the largest employers in the UK. Companies are constantly searching for talent to help them in the push to develop more efficient, greener vehicles.

Rapid developments and competition between companies increases the demand for talent, leading to more job creation. This is great news for job seekers and means there are more opportunities for finding the perfect career. The UK is particularly well placed because it is a centre for research and development, particularly in terms of advanced batteries, hybrid systems and more recently, autonomous cars.

One particular quality that companies wish to see from job applicants is an ability to work in a variety of different areas, especially when it comes to engineering. Modern vehicles are immensely complex and may have all kinds of added gadgetry alongside complex systems. As a result engineers that have a broad knowledge and can work in different settings will always be in demand because they can fill a series of roles.

Engineers in the automotive sector have a fantastic array of career paths open to them. Just think of how many different vehicles there are on the market and you’ll get an idea of the scale of the industry. There is also an overlap with other sectors such as aerospace and marine too. It really is an exciting, cutting edge industry to be involved in.

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