Evolving vehicular technology demands talented candidates

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Following the most lucrative sales period in years, the automotive industry is already well into an equally prosperous 2015. An improved economy, increased consumer confidence and easier access to credit have resulted in ideal market conditions for organisations in the automotive industry. There are other trends that are expected to drive buyers into the showrooms of dealers this year.

Aside from enhanced styling and fuel economy, there is a growing demand for sophisticated in-car technology, with well equipped vehicles becoming a major consideration for buyers. Following initial misses, we are seeing automakers revisiting the designs of their infotainment systems in order to make them safer and simpler to use as well as more affordable to meet the demands of consumers.

As telematics systems and infotainment become more important, it puts a premium on innovation and changes the ways that industry players design and develop new products and services. Software breakthroughs are becoming equally important as hardware innovation, and the pace of change in products and features has accelerated. The time frame for new vehicle launches is usually three and four years but the cycle for software iterations is now measured in months.

As the need for enhanced technology grows, we also see a rising demand for innovative and skilled individuals. The industry will inevitably seek out candidates with the potential to contribute to the developments and changes in the vehicles produced and the services offered. Recruiting a high standard of candidates for high end motor trade jobs has been the main focus of our company since we began many years ago. We have structured the specific services needed to meet the demands of our clients.

When unsuitable candidates apply for motor trade jobs, the result is typically a waste of time and resources for both applicant and employer. We implement targeted testing and careful CV inspections in order to comprehensively serve our clients and candidates. We strive at all times to assign the right person to the right role. If you are looking for your perfect motor trade jobs, or you are a company in need of talented and qualified individuals, we can help.