Evolving businesses can create great job opportunities

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Vehicle sales is one of the most challenging career paths to take in the motor trade. It can offer big rewards for people who are interested in vehicles though, particularly if they have the skills to help buyers make the right choice for them.

A lot of work goes in to putting dealers in the perfect position to make sales. This includes creating facilities where vehicles can be showcased effectively. The building itself can prove to be a big selling point, helping to draw prospective people in. It also promotes the brand and says a great deal about the business. As a result it is important that the buildings are up to standard.

One thing that can happen in the motor trade is that dealers outgrow their facilities. This can happen for many different reasons, including a rise in demand, the release of new models, responding to competition, and updating the brand image. An update to the building can provide fantastic benefits.

Lancashire based used-car dealer cartime recently revealed that they would be creating a brand new main showroom. The multi-million pound facility will be twice the size of the current one and have space to display 40 vehicles. The aim is to ensure that the site is great to visit and suits the needs of consumers. It will also be designed to reflect the brand.

The construction on the new showroom is expected to take 12 months and is scheduled to begin in 2017. The hope is that the project will be complete so the facility can open in 2018.

When finished the company will also be seeking to expand their workforce to account for demand levels. The plan is to create 20 new motor trade jobs.

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