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24 areas across England have been designated as Enterprise Zones since 2012. This essentially means that anybody who starts a business in one of these areas will benefit from government incentives, including business rate discounts, superfast broadband, a simplified process when applying for planning permission, and tax reliefs for certain businesses. The aim of the initiative is to encourage new enterprises and job creation, and it seems that the scheme has been successful so far, with thousands of jobs being created.

The MIRA Technology Park Enterprise Zone is one of these zones, and is based around the automotive industry, manufacturing, engineering and transport. This is a unique site located in the Midlands which is home to 35 research and development facilities, and it has attracted many major transport businesses to the region. Current projects taking place here include the development of electric cars, new and improved braking systems, and driverless vehicle technology, amongst many others. The staff who work in this zone collaborate with major automotive companies from all around the world, enabling them to update and improve their vehicles and technology to meet the ever changing demands of the global market.

As you would expect, as the site continues to grow and expand, so too does the number of jobs being created here. MIRA has many fantastic programs for apprentices and graduates, as well as opportunities for researchers and experts. The zone is due to be extended in 2016, which will no doubt lead to more jobs being created and even more investments being made. This is just one of many developments taking place in the UK’s automotive sector, creating brand new opportunities for automotive recruitment.

If you are interested in applying for roles in this fantastic sector, our team can help you to find the right position. We also work with all kinds of automotive businesses to give them the best chance of securing high quality staff.