Ensuring your employees work well together

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When a new employee is introduced into a company and the appointment fails to work out, it can be down to many different reasons. Most commonly, it is not due to a lack of concrete skills or experience from the employee, but rather from a mismatch between their temperament and working methods and those of the company. These kinds of factors are much more difficult to gauge than the information displayed on a CV, which makes successful recruitment a great challenge.

Many recruitment companies simply seek to fill the gap in their clients’ businesses by placing candidates who have the necessary skills, but they do not take the time to understand them on a more personal and individual level. This approach often leads to high rates of staff leaving as it turns out they do not fit in with the company’s culture.

We are different from other recruitment agencies in that we carry out comprehensive personality testing and will only send on potential employees who we feel will fit into your company well, as well as those who possess the skills and qualifications demanded by the role. An interview alone is often not enough to gain a true picture of an individual’s real self, but with our more in-depth research, we can help you to gain valuable insight and make more successful hires.

By making sure we understand the candidate’s unique personality and approach, we can bring many benefits to your business, such as facilitating closer and more successful working relationships between the team and helping everyone to feel more motivated. When your team complement each other’s personalities and work well together, they are much more likely to perform at a high level, resulting in happier and more productive workplaces. This is true of every area of the automotive industry, from sales to design to engineering.

If you are interested in learning more about our distinctive approach to automotive recruitment, please get in touch and we will be happy to work with you, no matter what type of candidates you are searching for.