Ensuring the future of the automotive industry

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We operate with a combined determination to deliver high calibre candidates to the automotive industry and successfully recruiting them for motor trade jobs. As the sector continues to thrive, the demand for first class individuals continues to rise. The sector sees ongoing developments in a vast array of areas, and the inevitable result is a greater need for skilled and motivated professionals.

The key factor when it comes to automotive recruitment is knowing how to screen and vet the candidates. It stands to reason that every area within the industry can benefit from the individuals with the corresponding qualifications, abilities and experience. We have seen a vast amount of insufficient recruitment methods over the years and as a result we have put together a superior service that focuses on the mutual advancement of the industry and the careers of the people that work within it.

Motor trade recruitment is our area of expertise and we are passionate about offering an outstanding service to our clients and candidates. We advertise the finest positions for motor trade jobs available, and we do our utmost to locate the candidates that can make the biggest contribution to the automotive industry. Our service incorporates the combined use of invaluable technology and a focused interview process. Technology enables cohesive and organised administration, but the key to successful recruitment is an awareness of the client’s needs, the validation of CVs and face to face interaction with candidates. We ensure that each person is matched with the right position. This saves money, resources and the time of everyone involved.

A recruitment agency cannot thrive without trust, and we are committed to offering our candidates unwavering confidentiality. We are responsible for a mass amount of data and personal information and its protection is a strict part of our company policy. Our candidate’s details are never divulged without their consent and we afford the same respect to everyone we work with.

We provide our clients with an equal dedication in that we do our best to find you the employees that will be conducive to your business. We conduct sophisticated personality testing to find you the motivated individuals that will work hard to progress within your company and are ideal for the motor trade jobs you have available.

Our aim remains to facilitate the finest standard of employment within the industry. We continuously move forward in every way and we never veer away from our long standing determination to deliver dependable and high quality motor trade recruitment.