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The unprecedented growth in the motor industry jobs section has, thankfully, gone against the grain of these tough economic times we are living in. With nearly a quarter of a million people employed in the automotive industry – and an increase of just over 6% in the amount of jobs within the sector – the major car and vehicle companies operating in Great Britain could put forward a perfectly valid claim that they are driving the nation forward towards a destination of full economic recovery. In order to do this these companies must, of course, ensure they continue to show development and growth, something only truly possible by ensuring they appoint only the best and most suitable staff to work for and represent them.

John Gibson Associates (JGA) was founded and formed in 1987 to facilitate the best level of appointments to motor industry jobs that the industry could achieve. The founder of the company, John Gibson, believed that both businesses and consumers in the automotive market space would ultimately benefit from greater growth in the industry, spurred on by increasing the number of successful, long term appointments made.

Prior to the services of JGA being made available to the industry, appointments for motor industry jobs were characterised as being done on the basis of a CV and previous experience alone. These are factors that tell one what someone can do, but usually give very little information about how they do it. The personality, outlook and approach of an individual can be just as important as an ability, as they will indicate if they will be able to adapt to your own company values and fit in well with your business model and approach.

Candidates seeking positions through us undergo personality and aptitude tests. The results of these garner several insights into the approach, attitude and adaptability of an individual, something that provides valuable information to prospective employers. Being certain of the capabilities of an individual is not enough to ensure success in appointments for motor industry jobs, one needs to know that the potential staff will deliver on those capabilities in the manner expected.

For over 25 years JGA has been at the heart of some of the most successful, long-standing and prominent appointments made in the UK motor and automotive industry. The reputation for success has led to a situation where some of the most important, key positions within highly prestigious companies are no longer advertised traditionally, with them instead turning exclusively to JGA to ensure the best and most appropriate appointment is secured.