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Paint spraying is an ideal career for people who want to be involved in the creative side of the automotive industry. The work involves preparing and applying paint, protective coatings and decorative finishes to vehicles and components, using either automated equipment or manual spray guns. You would also be required to follow strict safety guidelines, and be equally comfortable working alone or as part of a team.

The job demands a meticulous approach, excellent hand-to-eye coordination and great attention to detail to ensure the perfect finish on every vehicle. There is a great sense of satisfaction in seeing a perfectly finished vehicle and knowing you played a major role in achieving it, making this one of the most rewarding roles in the business.

There are endless possibilities and potential workplaces when you are working as a paint sprayer. You may be working in a body repair shop, getting cars back to their former glory after they have been scratched, bumped or involved in an accident; you may be involved in the manufacturing of brand new vehicles; or you may be working on the restoration of valuable classic and vintage cars. Many paint sprayers also apply custom artwork and personalised designs on cars. Whatever field you are working in, you can always be sure that every day will bring a new challenge.

If you have experience in accident repair and paint spraying and are in search of your next role, or if you are just setting out in your career and are looking for your first paint spraying job or an apprenticeship to get you started, we are confident that we can provide the help you need. Our team of motor trade recruitment specialists are on hand to match candidates with businesses and ensure long, happy and successful appointments. Just take a look at our website or get in touch with us for further information about what we do.