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One of the major benefits offered by the UK automotive sector is the chance to build long and successful careers. Automotive engineers work with the very latest in technology and consistently contribute to the development of future concepts. The opportunity to work with high level emerging technologies at the forefront of industry, and business is one of the most appealing attractions of a career in automotive engineering.

Cars have evolved into complex systems made up of specialised components, and the demand for skilled engineers continues to rise. If the technical side of it is not for you, there are many opportunities available to carve out a career in marketing, project management and sales. The motor trade industry offers vast diversity of positions and calls for a wide range of skills and experience. With the predicted future success and continued evolution of the trade there is great excitement and opportunity available in the sector.

Our entire global economy is based on auto-mobility and environmental concern is an important issue. The automotive engineering world is constantly working to make mobility greener, safer and more sustainable. If you are passionate about making valuable, eco friendly contributions, a career as an automotive engineer offers the opportunity to make a difference and help to create the environmentally friendly solutions the world needs.

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