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There has been a lot of news in the past year about the number of automotive jobs that go unfilled in the UK because of a lack of skilled applicants. The situation has the potential to create problems for companies, especially those ones with ageing workforces struggling to attract new talent. Steps have been taken to encourage young people to study subjects related to this industry with a view to working in it in the future. There is a new scheme at six universities in the Midlands with a focus on this goal.

De Montfort, Nottingham Trent, Aston, Coventry, Derby and Wolverhampton Universities have all teamed up with engineering specialist Consilium to tackle the skills gap. The aim is to increase the number of high quality graduates so that employers across the region in several industries including automotive will have more talent to choose from in the future.

The approach will also hopefully encourage more people to look at a career in engineering because of the links it will create with businesses in the area. As part of the process, candidates will need to pass a challenging assessment that will determine their level of skill. This information will be valuable to employers who are looking at recruiting talented graduates who may lack experience.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact the scheme has on the wider market. It could potentially increase the number of people who look to study engineering at degree level at one of the universities in the area. This would greatly expand the pool of talent for businesses to choose from.

At John Gibson Associates we have a huge amount of experience working through the challenges that automotive companies face when it comes to recruiting for engineering roles. We support the introduction of schemes that will boost the number of applicants in the market and the skills they possess. If you are thinking about a career in the automotive sector as an engineer we would be happy to offer advice.