Embracing the changing face of the industry

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All businesses have to change and adapt to meet the requirements of new demands, circumstances and challenges in order to thrive. Strangely, however, there sometimes seems to be a sense of reluctance in changing and adapting the one key process which is essential for success – the way in which new employees are recruited. No matter how far demands, expectations and capabilities change, there tends to be some resistance to moving away from the traditional approach to appointing new staff. Our work in motor trade recruitment has shown that greater success is possible through a different, more innovative approach.

Before our approach was widely adopted, automotive recruitment was characterised by two factors – high staff turnovers and a lack of sustainable business success. It’s impossible not to note the link between these. High staff turnover rates lead to instability in a business, hampering their ability to grow and achieve sustainable success. By introducing a far more comprehensive and company-specific approach to recruitment, we established a way for businesses to make more informed employment decisions. This has led to long term staff retention figures improving, and has enabled more businesses to grow and succeed.

In many industries, employment decisions are made on the basis of a cursory glance at a CV and a brief interview. The “anyone qualified will do” approach to recruitment can ultimately be damaging as it does not consider how the individual will fit in with and adapt to the business. We carry out occupational based personality profiling and psychometric competencies testing, allowing companies to see who a potential employee is and how they will perform.

Just as the industry changes and evolves, so too do our methods of motor trade recruitment. We explore, test and adapt all new ways of enhancing the recruitment process, making sure that they will bring further success before using them. We are dedicated to ensuring that businesses in the automotive industry take on the best staff by making use of the best approach possible to find them.