Electric cars use continues to grow

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The automotive industry is one that is always in need of some fresh talent to fill the ever-increasing number of vacancies that appear.

In order to understand what it is that companies desire from their workers, we take the time to visit them and get a sense of how success is achieved in the workplace. After this we can look at each individual applicant to determine which one possesses the required skill set and personality for the role. Our approach to automotive recruitment has earned us great plaudits.

Electric cars have done a brilliant job of moving from the automotive industry’s fringes to becoming some of the key projects for the world’s most well known manufacturers. It is a growth area and one which has attracted a huge amount of investment. The sheer volume of research and development taking place is incredible.

The infrastructure and technology that surrounds electric vehicles expands with each year that passes. EV’s are able to boast longer ranges and a rising amount of charging locations are popping up all across the UK roadways. Additionally, the car prices are also lowering and buyers are still able to take advantage from the government’s considerable £4,500 grant towards the cost of a new one.

As more electric motors make their way onto the scene, the demand for staff who specialise in working with the technology that goes into models will grow as well. This is where we come in, as our speciality is finding people with the right kind of talent. By putting each candidate through an extensive screening process, we can separate the best from the rest and then refer them to you, providing the highest quality automotive recruitment solutions.

At John Gibson Associates, our six-month guarantee makes certain that a suitable replacement will be found if your current employee isn’t right for the task. We want both your company and the applicant to succeed, so we will do our utmost to choose the right match. If you have any questions for us, feel free to get in touch.