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As the automotive industry does all it can to minimise its impact on the environment, there is a lot of focus on electric cars. These vehicles, which don’t emit harmful emissions, are becoming a focal point in Britain’s automotive industry. In the UK, electric car growth has been notable over the past few years and a number of incentives have been deployed to encourage people to adopt them. Most recently, the Government has created a sizeable funding pot to make the adoption of electric cars a lot more practical.

Though electric cars are becoming more popular, there is still a long way to go. In Europe, the electric vehicle market surged by 37%, but new electric car registrations rose by just 0.6%. In the UK, 15,000 new electric vehicles were registered, the biggest increase in any major market for electric cars. This could have been down to incentives such as £5000 premiums for electric and plug-in vehicles, alongside tax exemptions. A £5m scheme designed to help fleets adopt electric vehicles has also been announced.

In order to help boost this uptake, the infrastructure of the country is constantly being adjusted to help accommodate electric cars. Most recently, this has taken the form of a £43m funding pot from the Department of Transport to help significantly upgrading the existing electric vehicle infrastructure and to boost innovation in the field. £32m is set aside in an attempt to boost the infrastructure of the country in terms of electric cars, creating more charging points alongside hospitals, train stations and A-roads. It will also provide grants for the creation of charging points at home, as well as addressing a number of other infrastructure concerns. £11m has been set aside to help boost innovation and to assist with the development of new projects in concerns to electric vehicles. These projects include the creation of a recycled carbon fibre material for lightweight and low-cost vehicle chassis creation, as well as the development of electric buses.

All in all, the UK remains a strong market for electric cars and vehicles and is leading the way, particularly in Europe. Motor trade recruitment will certainly be focusing on engineering alongside research and development as the push towards pioneering electric vehicles continues. As always, our motor trade recruitment team will remain at the forefront of this news, advertising vacancies and ensuring that companies developing electric vehicles receive the skilled staff necessary for them to spearhead this great initiative.